Riluc and the Hover sofa by Karim Rashid

Riluc starting point is a family-owned business with 25 years of know-how in the art of transforming metal, with extreme quality of fabrication and traditional craftsmanship techniques. In 2008 started the process of reinvention.

When you first think about the raw material, stainless steel, you think it of being mainly machine-made, but the role of the craftsman becomes clear in this hand-crafted wonders of Riluc.

The perfect balance has been found between masterly traditional craftsmanship, cutting edge design and technological research.

HOVER is part polished stainless-steel sofa and part Impossible Object.

That is, its ingenious design can be subconsciously interpreted as representing multidimensionality through its optical illusions.

The hovering leather seating component creates the sensation of floating, while the reflective interior gives the impression that the seat is a continuous form, stretching into an imperceptible, infinite space. The bottom of the seat is neon leather, creating a luminescent effect that glows off the mirrored interior. An Op Art piece with a function, HOVER rises above the rest.

Leather: AMS – Leather & Textiles

Model: Hover

Company: Riluc

Design: Karim Rashid

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