Wewood and the leather sofa Rabelo

Wewood – Portuguese Joinery is a Portuguese heritage design brand specialized in designing, manufacturing & exporting timeless furniture characterized by enduring aesthetics and functionality, designed with expertise and handcrafted with love, extreme care and attention to detail.

Rabelo is a remarkably soft and comfortable sofa that is an epitome of relaxation and emotion. It can fit any open-plan, hospitality setting or high-end public area.

The design elements have a timeless yet modern expression, inspired by the silhouette of one of the most popular icons of Porto city, the Rabelo boats, that during centuries carried barrels of port wine from the vineyards to the cellars and that now are used as sightseeing cruises that sail down the Douro River.


Leather: AMS Leather & Textiles

Model: Rabelo

Company: Wewood - https://www.wewood.eu/

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